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Election Card

Register yourself on the electoral roll at your town hall for 1st January till 31st December. However, it will not take effect until the 1st March of the following year. In the case of losing or having had stolen your electoral card, the town administration can provide a certificate of registration Election


Fill out the following document: Change address on the commune

Present yourself in town hall at the Elections Service with:
an identity card (document proving both identity and French nationality) or other proof of identity and proof of nationality
a proof of address (rent receipt, lease, EDF invoice or telephone) of less than three months.


The establishment of a power of attorney is done all the year with the Gendarmerie.


You can request your right to vote by proxy if you fulfill one of the following requirements :

  • If for reasons relating to health, a disability or a state of infirmity as well as proffesionnel reasons or an inability to be present in the town of registration or participate in spite of their presence then they are eligible to be voted for by proxy.
  • The voter is unable to be present due to training or education requirements, holidays or because they live in a different town.;
  • Or people who are currently under arrest providing the criminal offence does not relate to fraud.

Terms :
* « Mandant » word for principal refering to the person who gives the proxy.
* « Mandataire » word for agent refering to the person who recieves the proxy.

Terms and conditions
The principal must :
  Provide proof of their identity
  Justify the need for a proxy through the fulfillment of one of the above categories, for the first two of those categories the proxy form must be filled in and detatchable.

For the last category, a letter must be provided by the individual being voted for.
  They must know the surname, forename, address, date and place of birth and the profession of the agent.

Each agent is not entiltled to a proxy established outside of France but based in France or both. The authority delivers the proxy request to the town hall of the agent, on behalf of the principle. The printed proxy no longer has a part for the agent. The principle must inform his attorney. All the agent has to do is bring proof of identity on election day.

Length of the contract
The length of the contract could be:
  limited to one time (first and second rund or only one round)
  Fixed for a certain amount of time(maximuim one year for somone established in France or maximum three years for someone established outside of France)

Establishing the domicile of the principle
The people who are unable to vote due to grave illness must address a written request accompanied by a medical certificate to the police municipale. A police officer or a delegate will then move to the domicile of intrest. For certain people the medical certificate will be replaced by a copy of the formal document. The client may then contact the police services to know the precise list in the case of their situation.

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