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Louis Lefé Sainte Marie private school

Louis Lefé Sainte Marie School is a Catholic primary school that welcomes about 50 students in 3 classes, from "Petite Section" (TPS) to CM2.
Reception for 2-year-olds is staggered and corresponds to the needs of each child.

Located in the heart of the philosopher's native city, the school has 2 tree-lined classrooms where students can develop and become fully aware of the importance of preserving nature.
The school trains the future citizens of tomorrow by accompanying and (in)training them in sustainable development and waste sorting.

The pupils benefit from the intervention of a teacher from the music school, sports speakers in connection with associations, sessions at the media library because the school is fully anchored in the city. Classes are equipped with digital tools.

The link with the parish and the priest is also important, during celebrations, high points...
The sacraments are done in the parish: from CE2 onwards it is possible to enrol in the catechism of the parish of St Georges de Descartes (+33 2 47 59 70 91).

The school catering is managed by the municipality but it takes place on our premises.

The pedagogical team, supported by the OGEC and the APEL, is strongly committed to its students and brings them instruction, culture and open-mindedness in order to prepare them for their future life.

The projects carried out aim to develop both social and disciplinary skills by giving meaning to things.

The values we promote include a taste for effort, mutual aid, solidarity and shared responsibility. Our establishment project is based on 3 main axes:

  • Learning to learn: acquiring knowledge and know-how, developing a sense of effort, curiosity to learn and self-knowledge.
  • Growing: so that each child can get to know himself better, listen to and support others, question himself, become autonomous (being able to think and act alone while respecting others).
  • Welcome each one in the respect of his or her difference, to live strong moments of interiority and sharing, to offer moments of silence and to propose the Faith in connection with the parish.

For this, we have at heart to create with each child a climate of trust, dialogue and listening necessary for his personal development, to offer diverse experiences and to create a relationship of trust with each family.


Louis Lefé Sainte Marie Private School
28 rue René Boylesve
37160 Descartes.

☎️ +33 2 47 59 71 70
📠 +33 2 47 92 48 53

School Organisation :
Opening : monday, tuesday, thursday and friday from 8h30 to 12h00 and from 13h30 to 16h15
Morning childcare: from 7h30 to 8h20
Evening childcare : from 16h15 to 18h15
Supervised Evening Study: monday, tuesday and thurday from 16h15 to 17h15

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