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Relais SEPIA for the Elderly

A homely refuage

Le Relais Sépia, founded as an inititiave in Descartes and placed into the town, in an old restored house. It welomes for some weeks, the elderly people who find themselves alone. Although their situation does not require important medical services, these people have however a need for help to compensate for partial deficiencies, or to help face an inevitable event: tiredness, lack of of a pocket, etc....

Before the welcome in Relais Sépia, every ask for a survey with the elderly person and their family to get to know them; organise a stay and fix a time frame. So that the service is accessible to everyone, the reasonable prices are fixed.

Second Phase
After the temporary stay, Relais Sépia offers families a moment of respite in their support and companionship of their old parent.

To leave isolation
To come to Relais Sépia, it is often broken with a situation of confinement and filled by finding yourself in a stimulating environment.

Prepare for the return
The accompanying councillor develops a bond with the elderly and family back home.

A Set back
Human nature and the new links to be created can cause anxiety due to the new surroundings and routines

Wonerful Facilities
17 individual rooms take care of the resident. The Relay team works 24 hours a day, respecting the pace and being as much as possible in the life of the house Medical care is provided by independent professionals according to the choice of the residents.

All residents, whether alone or in pairs, have a private room comfortably furnished and a personal bathroom.

Relay Sepia also has pleasant living areas: kitchen and dining rooms open onto the garden and the option of sitting around a fireplace. These sites promote exchanges between residents and allow the group to accommodate overnight guests or families, thus avoiding a long distance journey.

The day care

The day care is a feature of homecare. It enables the ability to renew social ties but also to develop their talents and regain or maintain a certain autonomy to avoid carer burnout.

Who is te daycare for? 

  • For the elderly: Healthy and independent but also with physical disabilities and / or mental. It is a way to meet other people in order to break the isolation and avoid withdrawal.
  • For families or caregivers: In this case it will:
  • Aid the development of respite
  • Discover other families with similar problems to talk to
  • Help with the acceptance that "others" take care of the elderly parent.

The objectives of this welcome 

  • Relearning communication through various activities.
  • Revalue the image they have of themselves by listening to professional achievements resulting in various crafts, or even by the simple act of getting ready to go to day care.
  • Find lost some automation.
  • Keep the taste of home with traditional cuisine and friendly meals.


The day care is open Mondays and Thursdays from 10h till 17h. It is possible to come to one or more days per week or half days depending on individual choice.

The Proposed activities 
The afternoon is devoted to games (board, numbers...), a reading group conducted by outsiders, songs, trips (Museum restaurant), walks, crafts, themed meals (Alsatian Mexican ...), memory workshop.

Relais Sépia Rond Point de l'Europe

Tel. : 02 47 91 42 42
Fax : 02 47 92 95 57

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