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The Salt Attic

The Lord of La Haye had the right to hold a market and a fair, and levied the taxes on imports. The market was heavily regulated and no expolitations were allowed, consequently there was a prison and some stocks.

In the 17th Century, La Haye was the tax seat of the import of salt. This very old tax on salt, disputed at the end of the former regime, involves frauds which were the prize of the Gabelous or False Saulniers. The Creuse was stuck with limiting customs because Poitou is a province exempt of this tax, and consequently where salt cost 10 times less. It is at this time a salt attic, located on the old Place d'Armes, was built, combined with medieval markets, which occupied an important place in the daily life of the inhabitants.

This Square became fairground until the 1950's. Today it houses the Sunday weekly market.

In Descartes, you will be able to see several half-timbered houses. This medieval building technique consisted of building the houses with a wooden framework, and filling the sides with cob.

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